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cmdb_ci_appl_glassfish, cmdb_ci_appl_glassfish_war, cmdb_ci_appl_weblogic_lb, cmdb_ci_app_server_composer, cmdb_ci_app_server_datapower, cmdb_ci_app_server_domino, cmdb_ci_app_server_dp_domain, cmdb_ci_app_server_hp_ucmdb, cmdb_ci_app_server_java, cmdb_ci_app_server_jboss, cmdb_ci_app_server_jb_module, cmdb_ci_app_server_jrun, cmdb_ci_app_server_jrun_war, cmdb_ci_app_server_ora_ess, cmdb_ci_app_server_ora_ias, cmdb_ci_app_server_ora_ias_m, cmdb_ci_app_server_remedy, cmdb_ci_app_server_tomcat_war, cmdb_ci_app_server_vendavo, cmdb_ci_app_server_weblogic, cmdb_ci_app_server_websphere, cmdb_ci_app_server_wl_module, cmdb_ci_app_server_ws_ear, cmdb_ci_cloud_appserver

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+ Status Name Label Datatype Length Reference Included By
  asset Asset reference 32 alm_asset cmdb
  asset_tag Asset tag string 40 cmdb
  assigned Assigned glide_date_time 40 cmdb
  assigned_to Assigned to reference 32 sys_user cmdb
  assignment_group Assignment group reference 32 sys_user_group cmdb
  attributes Attributes string 65000 cmdb_ci
  can_print Can Print boolean 40 cmdb_ci
  category Category string 40 cmdb_ci
  change_control Approval group reference 32 sys_user_group cmdb_ci
  checked_in Checked in glide_date_time 40 cmdb
  checked_out Checked out glide_date_time 40 cmdb
  cl_port Credentialless Discovery Port integer 40 cmdb_ci_appl
  comments Comments string 4000 cmdb_ci
  company Company reference 32 core_company cmdb
  config_directory Configuration directory string 255 cmdb_ci_appl
  config_file Configuration file string 255 cmdb_ci_appl
  container Container string 255 cmdb_ci_app_server
  correlation_id Correlation ID string 512 cmdb_ci
  cost Cost float 40 cmdb
  cost_cc Cost currency string [choice] 3 cmdb
  cost_center Cost center reference 32 cmn_cost_center cmdb
  delivery_date Order received glide_date_time 40 cmdb
  department Department reference 32 cmn_department cmdb
  discovery_source Discovery source string [choice] 40 cmdb_ci
  dns_domain DNS Domain string 255 cmdb_ci
  due Due glide_date_time 40 cmdb
  due_in Due in string [choice] 40 cmdb
  duplicate_of Duplicate Of reference 32 cmdb_ci cmdb_ci
  edition Edition string 100 cmdb_ci_appl
  fault_count Fault count integer 40 cmdb_ci
  first_discovered First discovered glide_date_time 40 cmdb_ci
  fqdn Fully qualified domain name string 255 cmdb_ci
  gl_account GL account string 40 cmdb
  install_date Installed glide_date_time 40 cmdb
  install_directory Installation directory string 255 cmdb_ci_appl
  install_status Status integer [choice] 40 cmdb
  invoice_number Invoice number string 40 cmdb
  ip_address IP Address string 255 cmdb_ci
  is_clustered Is clustered boolean 40 cmdb_ci_appl
  justification Justification string [choice] 80 cmdb
  last_discovered Most recent discovery glide_date_time 40 cmdb_ci
  lease_id Lease contract string 40 cmdb
  location Location reference 32 cmn_location cmdb
  mac_address MAC Address string 18 cmdb_ci
  maintenance_schedule Maintenance schedule reference 32 cmn_schedule cmdb_ci
  managed_by Managed by reference 32 sys_user cmdb
  manufacturer Manufacturer reference 32 core_company cmdb
  model_id Model ID reference 32 cmdb_model cmdb
  model_number Model number string 255 cmdb_ci
  monitor Monitor boolean 40 cmdb_ci
name Name string 255 cmdb
  operational_status Operational status integer [choice] 40 cmdb_ci
  order_date Ordered glide_date_time 40 cmdb
  owned_by Owned by reference 32 sys_user cmdb
  pid PID integer 40 cmdb_ci_appl
  po_number PO number string 40 cmdb
  purchase_date Purchased glide_date 40 cmdb
  rp_command_hash Running process command hash string 255 cmdb_ci_appl
  rp_key_parameters_hash Running process key parameters hash string 255 cmdb_ci_appl
  running_process_command Running process command string 65000 cmdb_ci_appl
  running_process_key_parameters Running process key parameters string 65000 cmdb_ci_appl
  schedule Schedule reference 32 cmn_schedule cmdb_ci
  serial_number Serial number string 255 cmdb
  server_port Server port string 40 cmdb_ci_app_server_tomcat
  short_description Description string 1000 cmdb_ci
  skip_sync Skip sync boolean 40 cmdb
  start_date Start date glide_date_time 40 cmdb_ci
  subcategory Subcategory string 40 cmdb_ci
  supported_by Supported by reference 32 sys_user cmdb
  support_group Support group reference 32 sys_user_group cmdb
  sys_class_name Class sys_class_name [choice] 80 cmdb
  sys_class_path Sys class path sys_class_path 255 cmdb
  sys_created_by Created by string 40 cmdb
  sys_created_on Created glide_date_time 40 cmdb
  sys_domain Domain domain_id 32 cmdb
  sys_domain_path Domain Path domain_path 255 cmdb
sys_id Sys ID GUID 32 cmdb_ci_app_server_tomcat
  sys_mod_count Updates integer 40 cmdb
  sys_updated_by Updated by string 40 cmdb
  sys_updated_on Updated glide_date_time 40 cmdb
  tcp_port TCP port(s) string 255 cmdb_ci_appl
  unverified Requires verification boolean 40 cmdb
  used_for Used for string [choice] 40 cmdb_ci_appl
  u_a_custom_field A custom field string 40 cmdb_ci_app_server_tomcat
  vendor Vendor reference 32 core_company cmdb
  version Version string 255 cmdb_ci_appl
  warranty_expiration Warranty expiration glide_date 40 cmdb
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